Sandbar Tables Now Available From $299.99

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the with my Shoally Sandbar Table?

All Shoally Sandbar Tables include a sandbar table and an auger pole.

If desired, there is an option to add on a telescoping umbrella that fits right in the auger pole. This allows the customer to use their own umbrella. We also offer upgraded stainless steel cup holders as well!


How do I set up my Shoally Sandbar Table?

The Shoally Sandbar Table is set up by standing the Auger Pole upright and cranking it into the ground below the water (a crank is provided with the set). Then the Sandbar Table is fastened onto the pole. Finally, an umbrella may be inserted and tightened down on the Auger Pole to provide shade!


How is the Shoally Sandbar Table Lite different than the Original Shoally Sandbar Table?

First, we made the table out of 1/2" HDPE rather than 3/4" HDPE (Bonus, this helped make the table lighter)

Second, we switched out stainless steel cup holders for plastic ones. We also took the number of cup holders from 4 down to 2. This provides more room for snacks!

Finally, we screwed the adjustable pole mount directly to the table. This eliminated the need for various extra material.


Will the Shoally Sandbar Table hold up to wind & wake?

Yes! The Shoally Sandbar Table is made up of high quality materials and is very sturdy once it is augered into the ground. It is meant to stay up for your whole day at the sandbar! It would take very strong wind or wake to knock it down.


Can my Shoally Sandbar Table be mounted to my boat?

Yes! We make custom boat poles so that your Sandbar Table may be used on your boat as well as in the water. Currently, we do not have these mass produced. If you are interested in a boat pole, please contact us and we can see what we can do for you!


Where are the Shoally Sandbar Tables made?

The Shoally Sandbar Tables are made in Ohio!


How long can I expect my order to take to be delivered?

As we are a newly formed company, we do not have much inventory on hand. Typically, customers can expect around 2-4 weeks to receive their purchases.


Why did my order come in separate shipments?

To save you (and us) on shipping costs, we may ship your purchase in multiple boxes. Doing so sometimes results in pieces of your order arriving at separate times.