Sandbar Tables Now Available From $299.99

The Shoally Story


Founded in 2021 by a family of boat lovers, Shoally looks to own the sandbar!

It all started when Tim Kahle invented the Shoally Sandbar Table for his family to use at their local sandbar in Coldwater Lake, Michigan. Tim wanted to provide a sturdy table that could be affixed in the water for his family and friends to gather around. After finding nothing like this on the market, he created his own sandbar table.

Tim’s family loved it! And so did the rest of his local sandbar! Quickly, Tim realized that he had something highly desirable, and he wanted to give other boaters the same enjoyment that he gave his family. He then turned to his family for their help to turn his passion into a business. With the help of his wife (Lori), his children (Brant and Deanna), and their spouses (Kim and Mark), together they formed Shoally with the goal to own the sandbar!